Zhejiang Suntec electronic Co., Ltd., the leading manufacturer of EAS soft label and RFID antenna, was founded in March 2006 in Quzhou, Zhejiang province. As a well known sourcing tagging solution provider, Suntec built its own brand, and its production line covers multiple frequency, such as 8.2MHz, 4.8MHz, 9.5MHz, and 10MHz as well. In RFID antenna area, Suntec provides wide variety of types, especially in HF and UHF part. Suntec’s total annual capacity is 1.5 billion pcs on RF labels and RFID antennas.
There are many advantages of Suntec’s RF label compares to others. The key strengths are high sensitivity, easy-deactivation, good adhesion and low re-live possibility. For RFID antenna, Suntec’s tech team can provide customized design and solution to fulfill customers’ criteria. Meanwhile, our experienced R&D team make sure our labels are unique and in high quality. Suntec’s goal is to provide the products in excellent quality considering the cost concern from customers as well.
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